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Why Does the Governor Recommend Roots the Restaurant?


By Nancy Rae Mallery, 1.11.12

In downtown Rutland at 51 Wales Street, a uniquely sustainable restaurant opened it’s doors to the public on February 1, 2011. The concept for a place to enjoy a delicious, wholesome local meal, made from the freshest Vermont products, came into being nearly one year before it’s official opening. It all began from a conversation in Dr. Mark Logan’s office with Chef/owner, Donald Billings who said: “I thought, somebody’s got to do it!” They became partners, and ‘do it’ they did!

Twice Bitten: Emu is on the menu and local.

June 21, 2011: Rutland Herald

“Roots chef Don Billings offers several emu dishes. There is, for instance, an appetizer consisting of a white bean dip, emu sausage, and Blue Ledge Farm chèvre. The combination is lovely, and the emu sausage very tasty. He also offers an EELT, a BLT served with Emu sausage and a fried egg as well as lettuce and tomato. But one of his most popular preparations is ground emu in a patty.”

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May 5, 2011: Rutland Herald

State of Vermont announces downtown revitalization awards

May 3, 2011: Vermont Business Magazine

“The Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development recognized nine downtown revitalization projects at Green Mountain College on Friday…. [Rutland winner] Roots Restaurant has become a localvore hotspot in Downtown Rutland, featuring the finest, freshest, locally sourced ingredients that region has to offer.”

Three Forks Review: Roots the Restaurant

May, 2011: Vermont Business Magazine

“Their menu is a localvore’s dream….the staff was warm, friendly and attentive…it has a metropolitan vibe while showcasing the fresh vegetables as the restaurant’s superstars.”

Deep Roots: A new farm-to-table restaurant remodels Rutland food

April 12, 2011: Seven Days

“Roots has become something of a hub for the local farming community. Last month, the restaurant played host to RAFFLs New Farmer Mixer. In February, Vermonts U.S. Rep. Peter Welch held an open-table agricultural discussion at Roots.  The restaurants suppliers have formed a network of their own. Last week, they all gathered at Roots to discuss what each member would do every day of the upcoming growing season. It gave me goosebumps, says Logan of the cooperative spirit.”

Mentioned in “Twice Bitten: Between now and green”

March 15, 2011: Rutland Herald

“A model for the local, sustainable restaurant”

Feb. 8, 2011:

“Roots has demonstrated a unique model for sourcing its food. It has created partnerships with local suppliers both large and small to create a food network.”

Chef puts local ‘in local restaurant’

Feb. 7, 2011: Rutland Herald

“Lots of chefs talk up locally sourced ingredients on their menu, but Donald Billings made a whole restaurant out of the concept.”

Mentioned in “Food for thought”

Feb. 3, 2011: Rutland Herald

Back to Roots

Feb. 2, 2011: Seven Days

“The focus on supporting local farms is evident from the moment diners enter Roots.”