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Fried Gnocchi  V

Fried house made gnocchi served over a rich chicken jus, topped with sautéed kale, spinach, bacon and red onion. 9.95

Cheese Fondue V

A blend of Vermont cream, assorted local cheeses and herbs with a blue cheese gratin, drizzled with honey and served with fruit and grilled bread. 9.95

Grilled Maple Shrimp G

Shrimp grilled with maple syrup and served over a seasoned sweet potato cake with a roasted red pepper relish and a jalapeno-maple vinaigrette. 9.95

Vegetable Egg Rolls

Cabbage, carrot, onion, sweet corn and ginger fried in crispy wontons, served over an asian slaw with sweet chili sauce. 9.95

Black Bean Cakes G, V

Black beans, roasted red peppers, scallions and cilantro, pan seared, served with smoked oregano salsa and guacamole. 8.95


Lightly breaded calamari fried and tossed with pickled peppers and garlic, served with ancho pepper aioli. 9.95

Cheese Board  V

An assortment of local cheeses served with spinach pesto, local apple butter, hot pepper jelly and crostini. 13.95


Fresh salmon fillet house cured with dill and coriander, served over greens with pepper jelly, sundried tomato pesto, chevre and crostini. 9.95



Add a cup of soup or small Roots salad to any sandwich or entree for 3.50

Yoder Farm Bean & Vegetable G, V

Cup 3.95 / Bowl 4.95

Soup of the Day

Cup 3.95 / Bowl 4.95

Gluten-Free Bread




Coleslaw G, V


Toasted Quinoa G, V


Hand-cut French Fries


Homemade Chips


Seasonal Roasted Vegetable


Cheddar Polenta G, V




Roots Salad G, V

Local greens tossed with assorted vegetables and served with choice of dressing: Greek, maple vinaigrette, walnut, soy-sesame, blue cheese. 6.95

Greek Kale Salad V, G

Massaged kale tossed with kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, local feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, onions and cucumbers. 9.95

Scallop Salad G

Fresh scallops pan seared and served over warm spinach with mushrooms, grape tomatoes, onions, Vermont bacon and blue cheese. Market Price.

Bean Salad V, G

Yoder Farm beans and French lentils marinated with citrus, fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil, tossed with red onion and celery, served over greens. 8.95

Caesar  V

Fresh romaine lettuce chopped and tossed with parmesan and herb croutons, smoked tomato Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and red onion. 9.95

Beet Salad G, V

Local beets served with lemon-dressed baby arugula, red peppers, onions and Vermont Creamery goat cheese. 9.95

Quinoa SaladG, V

Toasted quinoa cooked with coriander, tossed with beets, local apples, sweet potato and almonds in a cranberry vinaigrette, served with greens. 9.95

Add chicken or tofu (5.00), salmon, shrimp or scallops (8.00) to any meal.



Each sandwich comes with choice of side.
(Substitute gluten-free bread or grilled flat bread for 1.75)

Portobello Sandwich  V

Grilled portobello mushrooms served on toasted seed bread with tomato, Vermont cheddar cheese, baby arugula and basil aioli. 8.95

Roasted Turkey Sandwich

North Country Smokehouse turkey served on toasted whole wheat The Bakery bread with apples, onions and cranberry-sage aioli. 8.95 Add Vermont cheddar cheese 2.00

Hathaway Burger

Hamburger made from Hathaway beef, grilled to your taste and served on a house made toasted roll with lettuce, tomato and onions. 10.95

Add Vermont goat cheese, blue cheese, Vermont cheddar cheese, Vermont bacon, sautéed mushrooms or onions. 2.00 each

Smoked Pork Sandwich

House-smoked Brown Boar Farm pork served on a house made toasted roll, topped with coleslaw, blueberry barbecue sauce and Vermont cheddar cheese. 9.95



Duck Breast G

La Belle Farms duck breast pan roasted to medium rare, served over roasted maple and allspice sweet potatoes with cranberry and Neshobe Vineyard Purple Haze sauce, topped with a lemon frisee. 20.95

Sweet Chili Chicken Thighs G

Misty Knoll Farm boneless chicken thighs roasted with our house made sweet chili sauce, served over a shitake and scallion rice with an Asian slaw. 17.95

Chimichurri Emu G

Breen Family Farm emu steak, grilled to your taste and served over herb roasted potatoes with a chimichurri sauce and smoked oregano salsa. 23.95

Scallops   G

Fresh sea scallops pan seared to medium and served over cheddar polenta, with a saute of sweet peppers, sundried tomato, Kalmata olives, and scallions, topped with an arugula pesto and olive oil drizzle. Market Price

Chicken Carbonara

Roasted Misty Knoll Farm chicken tossed with Vermont bacon and garlic in a white wine cream sauce with sun dried tomato pesto, spinach and house made fettucini. 18.95   Available Vegetarian 16.95

Lime Curry Tofu G, V

VT Soy Tofu pan fried with rice, sunflower seeds, scallion, onion, peppers, cabbage, kale, and carrots served over a lime curry sauce. 15.95

Salmon  G

Fresh salmon fillet grilled to medium and served over herb roasted potatoes and topped with a blistered tomato, bacon, onion, garlic, scallion and North Country smoked provolone relish. 19.95

Spinach & Mushroom Ravioli 

Sweet potato infused pasta filled with spinach, portobello, ricotta, marscarpone, parmesan and roasted garlic, tossed with Misty Knoll Farm chicken, onion, spinach, garlic and tomatoes in a light cream sauce. 18.95 Available Vegetarian 16.95

Grilled MonkfishG

Grilled Atlantic monkfish served over a leek, roasted tomato, garlic and protobello risotto, topped with scallion and dill infused Cabot butter.. 21.95


House made gnocchi tossed with red potatoes, oregano, scallion, and vegetables in a spicy red clam sauce, topped with baby arugula. 18.95

Shrimp & Sausage Risotto G

Arborio rice cooked with shrimp, Vermont Smoke and Cure sweet Italian sausage, grilled vegetables, spinach and parmesan cheese, served over a saffron white wine sauce. 19.95

Hathaway BeefG

Hathaway Farms cut of the day served over smashed potatoes with a maple-burbon demi glace and sweet potatoe frites. Market Price.

Pork Schnitzel

Vermont pork loin, pounded thin, breaded and fried, served over smashed potatoes with housemade sauerkraut and a smoky pork demi glace. 18.95

Lamb   G

VT Grown lamb grilled to your taste, served over herb roasted potatoes with a blueberry balsamic sauce, roasted mushrooms and lemon dressed frisee. 23.95

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